"Chance favors the prepared mind."
Robert Dunki-Jacobs

xi Technology, LLC was founded by Robert Dunki-Jacobs in November 2007. Mr. Dunki-Jacobs has over 32 years of management and innovation experience with Johnson & Johnson, General Electric and Westinghouse Electric Company in Business Development, Product Development and Industrial Research. Mr. Dunki-Jacobs has performed in-depth evaluations of over 50 investment stage or privately held as well as several publicly traded medical device and drug/device companies.

Mr. Dunki-Jacobs’ approach to Business Development and product innovation is based on Technomic™ Analysis. Technomic™ Analysis is the fusion of technology assessment, qualitative and quantitative market research, regulatory strategies, and social and political trend analysis.

Prior to founding xi Technology, Mr. Dunki-Jacobs was Director of Business Development in the Worldwide Licensing & Acquisitions Department at Ethicon Endo-Surgery. He was responsible for identifying and acquiring innovative new technologies and expanding the product scope for this $3B Johnson & Johnson company.

Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, Mr. Dunki-Jacobs held various line and management positions at General Electric Corporate Research & Development Center for 23 years. He was involved in Medical Device, Computer Architecture and Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Telecommunications, Electric Power Delivery, and Hybrid Vehicle development.

Mr. Dunki-Jacobs holds 11 issued patents, 25 published applications and unpublished applications.


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