Market Entry Deliverables


Market Space Overview and Analysis

Partnering with our client, xi Technology assists in planning and conducting primary and secondary market research based on potential product attributes to provide market space overviews and analysis.

Together we will interactively:

  • define and refine key emotional and economic stakeholders
  • identify critical unmet needs and expectations of key stakeholders
  • analyze secondary sources to gain insights about the market space, stakeholder attitudes and alternative solutions
  • create product scenarios for primary concept market research
  • conduct primary concept market research
  • analyze the results to create an objective view of the various opportunities

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Formulation of Market Entry Strategies

Collaborating with our client’s senior management, xi Technology will assist in creating, reviewing and selecting the appropriate market entry strategy.

Together we will:

  • define potential market entry strategies
  • analyze strengths and weaknesses for each strategy
  • identify the market entry strategy that best meets your strategic objectives

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Multi-Generation Product Plan (MGPP) Creation

Teaming with our client’s development and marketing teams, xi Technology will guide formation of a Multi-Generation Product Plan (MGPP).

Together we will:

  • identify the key resources, developments and discoveries that are needed to bring each potential product to market
  • analyze the benefits of each potential MGPP strategy
  • select the MGPP that best fits your strategic goals
  • articulate a commercialization plan for implementation of the selected MGPP

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